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Based in Barranquilla, Colombia, Maqui Active is a tribute to the “Carnaval de Barranquilla”, an annual celebration that keeps us coming back every year, searching for a feeling of rush transmitted by music, energy, laughter, people, and colors. The same rush you feel after a good workout, an intense dance class, or an uncontrollable laugh fills us with endorphins and leaves us ready to face our day, month, year, and life. This feeling is so powerful that it inspired us to create a clothing brand that can make people feel something every time they wear it. Maqui has a purpose: to be there for you wherever you look for that “rush,” whether exercising, dancing, strolling, or listening to loud music. We know the power of a good outfit and a great moment. We understand how important it is to move freely and feel secure in your clothes, so we created each garment to achieve the perfect balance between design and functionality, comfort, and style. Trendy and functional meets here at Maqui.exercise and fashion to create a brand that speaks to active women. Our pieces are designed to excel at performance, functionality, and are created with ideal fits to cater women with different body types and a desire for fashion-forward designs.


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